Our company has achieved customer satisfaction by using cutting-edge technological facilities with its policy of HIGH-QUALITY & FAST TURNAROUND TIME AT A MODERATE PRICE.

Ozel Den-Tek A.S. applies the ISO 9001:2000 – 13485 quality management system it has adopted in all stages of production.

Our Company, whose main goal is customer satisfaction, aims to continually improve itself along these lines as we consistently meet your needs.

CAD/CAM ZIRCON: Restorations with high stability can be performed using this newly developed full ceramic material. Owing to its light-transmittance quality the texture of natural teeth is truly achieved. Adaptability with gingivae is much higher compared to classical metal substructured ceramics. Due to its great quality of thermal insulation, sensitivity to hot or cold does not occur.

CAD/CAM  Cr-Co/Titan: Metal substructure production with CNC milling systems.

SINTER LASER: Owing to this latest technology which eliminates manual modelling and casting, which is obtained by using CoCr nickel-free and CE certificated metal powder and which enables all the processes to be performed in a digital environment, a perfect metal substructure is produced.

Following up on all cases produced at the laboratory is made possible by means by means of such mechanisms radio-frequency labels, instant digital monitoring and reporting of incoming and outgoing cases and analysis of each departments performances according to data and graphical presentations of performance metrics.